Oh, Dr. Dre, you got it wrong: no one has forgotten you.

In fact, Dr Pepper has built its newest campaign around Dre and his long-awaited album, “Detox,” rumored to drop late 2009. In commercials debuting today (June 1), fans who waited a decade to hear something off the urban legend … er, album, can catch a seconds-long snippet. And Dre teases that drinkers have to sip Dr Pepper slowly, “as slower is better.”

“For me, slow always produces a hit,” he says.

If that’s the case, “Detox” should sell 10 million copies – if it ever drops.

Dr. Dre protege, Eminem, has said repeatedly in recent weeks that he’s to blame for the most recent delay of “Detox.” Dre took time from his own effort to produce Eminem’s latest No. 1 record, “Relapse,” and “Relapse 2,” scheduled to be released later this year.

But while Slim Shady fans waited five years for a studio album from Em, Dre followers have waited twice as long.

What say you, family? Was “Relapse” good enough to have distracted Dre all this time? Can “Detox” live up to the hype the wait has produced? Or am I wrong, and you have, indeed, forgotten about Dre?

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