We asked some Qcity residents a simple question: What do you love about you?

Here’s what we got:


Clifton Harris, 57, (photo, right)

“I love the fact that I’m saved. I’m a people person. I’m black and proud to be who I am.”


Annika Lescott, 20, student, UNC Chapel Hill

“I love my brains. I like being smart.”


Toni Caffey, 36, senior manager, Fed-Ex

“I love my dedication and loyalty to whatever I do. I set my mind on something and I’m committed.”


Douglas Donatine, 21

“I love my looks. I think I’m beautiful.”


Topaz Woodruff, nail technician

“I love my hips. They’re thicker than a Snicker.”


Chaz Hunter, 18

“I love my spirit. I’m a good person and I don’t like to screw people over. I’m trying to be the best man I can be.”

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