Marvin Terrell Dixie’s outgoing personality compliments his style. The 41-year-old entrepreneur knows the importance of a first impression. Here’s what he says are his style essentials:


How would you describe your style?
Edgy, GQ, luxe, a relaxed intensity, presidential or JUST ME. I think I have a certain attitude or posture that transcends what I’m wearing, but it’s got to be hot!

Who or what inspires your style?
Life, its various nuances, twist and turns. I also think the media and pop culture both directly and indirectly influence what we consider stylish.

Do you enjoy shopping?
I do. I hit up some local boutique types like Transfiguration, some spots in the malls, online and definitely my custom clothier out of California.

What fashion designers do you admire?
I like a variety of designers. It just depends on my mood. But I like more quality as opposed to just trendy.

What’s your favorite accessory?
Watches and shoes or shoes and watches.There’s nothing better to set off your swag like hot shoes. Or nothing better to start a conversation like a luxe watch!

What item in your wardrobe can’t you live without?
I am in a business where I do a lot of meetings and presentations about financial freedom and independence, so I have to project the image of the luxury lifestyle. When I’m working, it’s suits, ties, watches and killer shoes!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I can’t say for sure, but I would guess about 100 pairs.

What’s your latest splurge?
Can’t remember if it was the new watch or the alligator shoes. Yes, I did say alligator. I get my pimpin’ on, but I make it classy with a finely tailored suit. Wait! No maybe… it was the suit. Oh, well; can’t remember.

What grooming products do you use?
What do you mean? Toothpaste & deodorant? (LOL). I am very basic. I shave my head with clippers and trim my goatee with the same. I don’t have a special grooming regimen or products. The three S’s to get the day started: That’s shave, shower and skin lotion (LOL). Manicures, pedicures and massages are a must! Yeah, REAL MEN are well groomed.

What’s your favorite cologne?
Old Spice, (LOL) shout out to LL Cool Jay. But no, really, there are too many. I change with my mood. I have several fragrances, but these are the most used: Envy by Gucci, Black by Armani and Allure Sport by Chanel.

Do you think people are born with style or is it something that’s learned?
I think some are fortunate to be born with style and savoir-faire. Then there are those who acquire swag as they go through life. Me, I think I was born GQ, and then life has molded, shaped and refined my swagger!

What style rules do you live by?
Whatever I do, it’s got to be HOT, top shelf and quality! I live in the mood, whether its time for a trendy night at the hottest spots in town or time to get my grown man on with a finely tailored suit that fits my physique like a glove.

All in all, I live by the mantra: just do you!

If you do it with confidence and a relaxed intensity, everyone will notice.

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