Beauty is defined in different ways. We love it when people find something good about themselves on the inside and out.

We asked some Qcity residents a simple question: What do you love about you?

Here’s what we got:


Jasiatic Anderson, 33, photographer (right)

“I love my collarbone. It’s very graceful.”


Charlie Petty, 36, barber (below)

“I love my lips. They are full, dark and delicious.”


Danita Womack, 29, stylist

“I love that I have a kind heart. I love people.”

Eric Stitt, 43

“I love the fact that I don’t let things rattle me. I observe to get a better concept of what’s going on.”


Gia Atkinson, 38, natural hair stylist

“I love my gap in my teeth. For so long I thought it made me unattractive. But it’s the thing that makes me.”

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