This week I wanted to suggest some fabulous gifts you could give your mom for Mother’s Day. I wanted to convince you that whatever you purchased for her last year could be outdone by something better I found this year.

I can’t do that.

This year, I decided not to get my mother a material gift.

Am I cheap? No.

Am I cutting back because of the recession? No.

My mother has lots of “things.”

Sure, I could buy her a handbag or perfume. But when the scent is gone or she changes bags, did the gift really symbolize my love for her?

Don’t get me wrong; my ideal gift for mother would be a full day of beauty and relaxation at a day spa. She is always taking care of others but not herself. I could send her a gift certificate (she lives out of state), but she’s the type who wouldn’t go alone or without me.

Mother’s Day, like most other special days — Valentine’s Day and Christmas, especially — has been reduced to straight-up materialism. For many, it’s about how much you spend, and the more you spend, the more you’ve shown that special person how much you love them.

I don’t agree with that.

For me, Mother’s Day is not about gifts or spending. If you love your mother, tell her as often as possible.

I tell my mother daily that I love and appreciate her. I don’t wait until Mother’s Day.

As a mother myself, I love it when my children present me with a hand-made card or cook a special meal. That’s their way of telling me they appreciate me — no pressure.

Last month, I had the pleasure of spending time with my great-grandmother in Florida. She’s 103 years old. She’s seen it all. There is nothing of meaning I could buy for her. So we spent quality time talking.

This Sunday, celebrate all the women in your life. Possessions come and go, but a moment missed is lost forever.

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