We love black people, and our uniqueness should be celebrated.

We asked some Qcity residents a simple question: What do you love about you?

Here’s what we got:


Michael Kitchen, music promoter

“I love the fact that I’m a black person with little lips. I get compliments and complaints. Who says that everyone black has to have big lips?”


Shanae Starnes, 35, image stylist

“I love my smile. It makes others smile when I smile. It shows my genuiness. People can feel my vibe.”

Dominique Dukes, 22, barber

“I love my birthmark. I didn’t like it a first, but I had to grow to like it. It’s not going anywhere.”


Robin Owens, 49,

“I love my spirituality.”


Rashad Davis, 31, banker

“I love my hands because I like to work.”


Petula Buchanan, 40

“My ability to socialize and get along with people of different backgrounds.”

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