An 82-year-old widower who lives in D.C., has 10 children and 47 grandchildren and great-grandchildren won the recent $144 million Powerball drawing.

But his lawyer says the lucky guy wants to remain anonymous.

To shield his identity, the winner set up a company, Rockson LLC, which will receive the $79.6 million lump payment.

The attorney, David Wilmot, did little to enlighten things. He said the winner wants to maintain his privacy, keep from being overwhelmed by publicity and go on with a normal life, says the Washington Post.

“He does not have to appear in documents,” Wilmot said. “I have to respect his wishes about privacy.”

Wilmot declined to say what the significance of the name “Rockson” might be.

The octogenarian has created three trusts: one to educate his heirs, one for their health care and one for philanthropy, Wilmot said.

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