Isn’t it time we cut Madonna some slack?

The blogosphere was giddy over news that the Material Girl was stymied in her attempt to adopt an Malawian child. But what’s wrong with Madonna wanting to adopt a child from the Mother Land, asks Teresa Wiltz, senior culture writer for

“There’s perhaps nothing more personal than the decision to start or expand, a family — however you choose to do it,” Wiltz writes. “Adoption is a long, complicated, exhausting process. You don’t do it unless you’re extremely motivated. And there’s something unsettling about the charges that any white celebrity adopting from Africa is just doing it to be hip, as if black babies are somehow lacking in the lovability quotient. Heaven forbid that someone would want to adopt an African baby because they love him or her and want to provide a child with a loving home.”

Whatever your feelings, Madonna is undeterred. She vows to appeal a judge’s ruling denying her request to adopt Chifundo “Mercy” James, a preschool-aged girl whose mother died in childbirth.

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