It’s not just women who are hitting the spa these day. By some estimates, as many as 35 percent of spa goers are men. So it’s no surprise that the owners of No Grease barbershops decided to take a shot at offering African-American men in Charlotte more than just a haircut.

Aside from the traditional barber services, the No Grease Exclusive Men’s Grooming Lounge at the Time Warner Cable Arena will offer facials, manicures, massages and shoe shines.

But in a down economy, will African American men shell out cash for what some may consider a luxury?

The No Grease owners, twin brothers Jermaine and Damian Johnson, believe they will.

“One of the more affordable services for a man is a haircut,” said Jermaine Johnson. “It’s not that a recession is stopping men from getting spa services or grooming services, it’s the fact that (spa service) is not offered a lot to us, so a recession is not bad timing for us.”

Unlike some male spas, where men go for pampering by a staff that is largely female, the No Grease lounge will retain the atmosphere and camaraderie of a traditional barbershop, but with added spa treatments.

“I’m not looking for the man that wants spa services, then they get a haircut,” said Jermaine johnson. “I’m not looking for the man that wants to get away from the barbershop. I’m not interested in that. I’m looking for those that love the barbershop.”

At No Grease, about half the staff will be men. Women will give manicures, massages and, in some cases, cut hair. But men also will provide personal grooming services.

Another key difference will be the level of amenities.

At some male spas, customers are treated to executive lounges, big-screen televisions, pool tables and stocked bars. Deluxe service might include valet parking or lunch.

The No grease spa, by design, will be far less opulent.

The brothers say they are looking for men who want to be well groomed without spending all day at a traditional spa.

The brothers also are banking that their uptown location, with nearby condos, bars and entertainment venues, will provide a steady stream of customers. They hope the location will attract a diverse crowd and that the lounge will become a place where the in-crowd gathers to socialize.

“No Grease knows how to create an atmosphere with a barbershop that is professional, service oriented…something that our men like,” Jermaine Johnson said. “Now we have a dose of upscale spa services. Those are the two worlds that we are bringing together.”

The brothers held a media event at the lounge this week when Charlotte Bobcats majority owner Bob Johnson came in for a haircut. The shop will open to the public when all appropriate permits are issued, the brothers said.

Some of the services will include:

Standard haircut — $25

Standard haircut with a shave — $40

No Grease exclusive cut (scalp massage, shampoo conditioning, cut, razor design line, facial hair trim or hot shave, express facial, manicure and shoe shine) — $75.

Straight razor shave — $30

Head shave — $25

Massage $80

Express facial $30

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