Bob Johnson, majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, kept his word Tuesday and was the first to get a haircut at the soft opening of the No Grease Exclusive Men’s Grooming Lounge @ Time Warner Cable Arena.

Already a No Grease customer, he had helped owners Damian and Jermaine Johnson get a loan for their fourth Charlotte location after local lenders balked. He also promised to be their first client. found the Top Cat Tuesday under the tonsorial care of Damian Johnson. He answered a few questions before watching his team defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 94-84.

Q. Why did you decide to help No Grease when local lenders said no?

When you meet people who have ambition and who have hard work ethic and lots of creativity about what they want to build… those are the type of people you want to back. That’s why we became involved with them and want to support them.

Q. Why do you think this venue will work in Charlotte, especially when we already have other male spas?

I judge a business by the people who run it. I was so impressed with their vision of what No Grease can become and what it already is. By expanding and offering a broader range of services…all the things that sort of look at the holistic treatment of a man who wants to be well groomed, that kind of unique approach to providing services to customers is special.

Q. Aside from a haircut, what grooming services do you anticipate getting here?

I’m going to come back and find a hour and a half or two hours and say ‘give me the full treatment!’ Men are going to start saying that they can come to the spa and become well groomed too. Men can come together in this unique environment to connect, talk business and network.

Q. Do you see potential for this business to expand beyond Charlotte?

This definitely has the ability to go to other markets where it would be absolutely welcomed. They have the expertise running this and their other shops. We (the bankers) looked at and recognized the tremendous vision that they have and the manager expertise of what they’ve already accomplished.

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