It’s not everyday you see two black man riding horses down Lawyers Road in 5 o’clock traffic.

So when stumbled across this curious scene on Monday, we simply had to pull over and ask a few questions.

Javaris Black, it turns out, is owner of JB Grady Stables. He said he owns 15 acres nearby and is preparing to build more stables to house other people’s horses.

He’s also a professional bull rider.

So what were he and a friend doing out there on Monday like two urban cowboys?

“It’s a nice day,” he said. “I got off work early and decided to take the horses for a ride.”

We asked whether the police bother him for riding in the street. No, they don’t, he said, because horses are considered a legal form of transportation in North Carolina.

“The officers just tell us to keep up with the traffic,” he said.

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