The Charlotte Bobcats apparently aren’t immune to the sour economy.

In a letter to season-ticket holders later this week, the team will outline new incentives to placate fans, reports today.

Incentives will include:

Prices on season-tickets will drop an average of 17 percent, with some falling as much as 25 percent.

Season-ticket holders who renew will enter a sweepstakes for prizes such as a trip on the team plane, with a stay in the team hotel, for a 2009-2010 road game.

Other prizes will include lunch and practice with Bobcats General Manager Rod Higgins and a golf outing with former Charlotte Hornet Dell Curry.

“We certainly understand it’s a tough economic environment out there,” Higgins is quoted as saying on the Observer’s Web site. “We’ve done everything we could to be sensitive to that.”

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