As the co-owner of Lockstar, one of Charlotte’s busiest natural hair salons, April Atkinson Haley’s look must always be pulled together. The petite 5’4” beauty shares her tips on how she achieves her top-notch style.

Name: April Atkinson Haley

Age: 31

Occupation: Co-owner of Lockstar Salon

How would you describe your style?
It really depends on the activities of the day. I love to get dressed up, though. I do have a son, so during the day I have to be ready to run or be pulled at a moment’s notice. But comfort is not a compromise for style. I can be super trendy and super classic. I love plaid, which comes from growing up in the south. I am preppy from time to time, and I also pay attention to trends while recognizing that certain things always work.

Where do you shop?

I shop everywhere, from the vintage stores like Century and Hong Kong on Central Avenue to Neiman Marcus. I love when my eye catches something and no one else can see it until it is put together and on my body.

Are you into specific fashion designers? If so which?
I am not loyal to a specific designer. From time to time I see a designer’s collection and decide that I would like one of their pieces. I did that with Tracey Reese and went on an adventure to her store in the meat-packing district in NY. I walked away with the daintiest coral cardigan with Asian-inspired buttons.

Are you a shoe fanatic? How many pairs do you have?

I wouldn’t say fanatic. I do appreciate a nice shoe. It can make or break a look. Some shoes are like pieces of art!

What item in your wardrobe can’t you live without?
This winter it is without a question my cashmere scarves. I purchased two — crème and orange — and was able to wear either everyday.

What’s your latest fashion obsession?

Finding a really high-end item at 75 or 80 percent off.

What style would you not be caught wearing?

Sweat suits and dress shoes!

What’s in your makeup bag?

I use tinted moisturizer Bobbi Brown Bronzer, MAC Bronzing powder and Chanel mascara. The lip gloss that always works for me is Oh Baby by MAC or Sapalicious Lipgelee by MAC.

Your locks are so beautiful, how do you maintain your hair?

I try to use natural products. I really like the Jane Carter Solution line of products. I use the Nourish & Shine and the basic shampoo and conditioner. They are wonderful moisturizing all natural products. I also use our Lockstar Oil that we customize with a favorite scent. My favorite is the Lovely Lemongrass.

What perfume do you wear?

My old faithful is Hanae Mori, but the latest is Hemes’ Mediterranee’. It is actually suitable for women and men. It inspires me to travel there mentally, and I have an anniversary coming up that may physically get us there!

What style rules do you live by?

Quality, not quantity; craftsmanship is key. Explore and develop an understanding of fabrics. Find a good tailor to adjust pieces for you. Don’t forget to wear a smile!

(Photo below: Just back from vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Haley shows off her tan lines.)

(Photo below: When it comes to fashion, Haley says she especially likes plaid. It comes from growing up in the South, she says.)

(Lashawnda K. Becoats is a lifestyle consultant and owner of La Concierge in Charlotte, N.C. Email her at Read her column here each Thursday, only on Qcitymetro.)

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