Misdirected anger?

Yes, the New York Post cartoon was racist and insensitive, says Charlotte's conservative commentator Lenny McAllister, but African Americans have bigger issues

The Rev. Al Sharpton is doing it. So is R&B crooner John Legend.

We’re talking about boycotting the New York Post, publisher of the now-infamous chimpanzee cartoon.

Lenny McAllister, Charlotte’s most noted black conservative, has called the cartoon “insensitive” and “racist.” But he says all the hoopla and boycott threats — all that black outrage — could be better directed.

“Do we use our energy to take to the streets to defend the most powerful man in the United States, if not the world, from racism? Do you think Obama really needs us to defend him against the New York Post? Come on. He’s a grown man,” McAllister writes in a root.com commentary piece.

McAllister, now serving as a visiting fellow at the Center of New Politics and Policy at the University of Denver, says black America would be better served if we focused our outrage on the real problems that beset our communities.

He writes:

“We must be outraged at our children’s shrinking talent base, educational opportunities and life expectancy. We must move on to the increase of AIDS occurrences, high school dropout rates and incarceration of young black people. We must speak out from every outlet and act within every community on the hopelessness that methodically devours a growing portion of our communities each day.

“Our anger from an ignorant caricature must be trumped by our outrage over the conditions black America faces today. It must become a passion that embraces the call to action.”

That’s what McAllister says. Tell us what you think.

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