Talk about taboo!

Students at two historically black schools open up about skin tone and openly gay men on campus

Talk about taboo.

What could be more uncomfortable for some African Americans than an honest talk about skin tone? You know, the nasty color line that lingers in parts of our own community.

Well, try homosexuality.

Not just homosexuality, but homosexuality at an HBCU.

And not just any HBCU.

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Try Morehouse College, the school that gave us Martin Luther King Jr., Julian Bond, Maynard Jackson, even Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson. hits a double today. We offer two pieces of online commentary, both written by students at HBCUs, that we found… well, interesting:

Jernai Ellis and Chassidy Hinton attend South Carolina State University. They’ve been called "Light Bright," "White Girl," "High-lighter," "High Yellow," "Red Bone," "Mulatto," "Light-skinned-ed," "See Through," and "Transparent." And, they say, they’ve had enough. Click here to read their commentary.

Gerren Gaynor is a Morehouse Man. But, he says, he’s had it with the school’s growing population of openly gay men. He writes: “I’m not saying that having gay students at this institution damages the image of Morehouse, however as the only all male African American liberal arts college in America, we have a certain image to uphold and a man with hair weave just isn’t it.” Click here to read his commentary.

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