I am not a recessionista. I cringe every time I hear that new buzz word to describe a fashionable woman who likes to shop but is on a budget because of the recession.

In my opinion there is nothing wrong with shopping, whether you are buying something full-price or on sale.

A recent Associated Press story, however, described a new trend called luxury shame.

The article said “some shoppers are asking cashiers at high-end stores to put their purchases in plain white paper bags. Others want their expensive clothes and jewelry shipped home so they can walk out of the store without any bags at all.”

That’s ridiculous.

I can understand hiding your purchases from your mate. Who hasn’t done that? But hiding them from the rest of the world?

I’m not mad at womaen who can afford to buy expensive items. Besides, shopping helps the economy, right?

Last week I visited Sweet Repeats, a high-end consignment store in Dilworth, for the first time. A friend suggested I check out their slightly used designer goods.

While browsing, I observed two woman making large purchases. The first paid $1,000 for a jacket without batting an eyelash. The second bought a designer purse for $900.

Those women showed no apparent shame. In fact, they seemed happy. After all, they saved hundreds of dollars on those items.

Are there really women in Charlotte who shop at high-end stores but are too ashamed to be seen carrying their purchases?

“I haven’t experienced it at all,” said Joel Prystowsky, manager of Bob Ellis at SouthPark Mall. “We don’t have plain shopping bags anyway.”

I asked if he’s seen a slowdown in women purchasing expensive shoes. “Women are still buying shoes,” he said. “Not the quantities they use to buy. Maybe two or three pairs a season instead of four or five.”

There will always be a difference between those that have it to spend and those that don’t. Life goes on.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the $300 Stuart Weitzman shoes I got on sale for $89.

Does that make me a recessionista?


A smart shopper?


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