1. How many blacks lived in the United States in 2007?
A) 30.5 million
B) 40.7 million
C) Let’s see, there was Pooky, Little Man, LaQuuan, Put-Putt, June Bug…

2. Which of these states did NOT have at least 1 million black residents?
A) Alabama
B) Maryland
C) North Carolina
D) South Carolina
E) Missouri
F) Tennessee

3. True or False: Just under 50 percent of Mississippi’s population is black?

4. Which U.S. county boasts the nation’s highest number of black residents?
A) Cook County, Ill.
B) Harris County, Texas
C) Los Angeles County, Calif.

5. True or False: 82 percent of black Americans age 25 and older holds a high school diploma?

6. What percentage has a bachelor’s degree?
A) 19 percent
B) 25 percent
C) 32 percent
D) I should have finished my thesis.

7. What was the median income of black households in 2007?
A) $30,000
B) $33,916
C) $36,859
D) $40,000

8. True or False: Back women who work full time in the United States earn about $5,000 more than their black male counterparts.

9. What was the 2007 poverty rate for blacks?
A) 20.2 percent
B) 24.5 percent
C) 27.8 percent

10. What percentage has no health care?
A) 15.3 percent
B) 16. 8 percent
C) 18.2 percent
D) 19.5 percent

11. What percentage of black householders are married?
A) 35 percent
B) 40 percent
C) 45 percent
D) Look, baby, it’s just a piece of paper.

12. Which state has the highest percentage of blacks owning their own homes?
A) Mississippi
B) Virginia
C) North Carolina
D) Maryland

13. What percentage of blacks work in management, professional or related occupations?
A) 10 percent
B) 27 percent
C) 30 percent
D) 35 percent


1. Answer: B.
As of July 1, 2007, an estimated 40.7 million blacks lived in the U.S., up some 500,000 from the previous year. They made up 13.5 percent of the population.

2. Answer: E
Missouri did not have at least 1 million blacks when the 2007 estimate was made. Eighteen other states did qualify, however. They are Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

3. Answer: False
Mississippi leads the nation in the percentage of black residents, but the figure was 38 percent. (29 percent of South Carolina’s population was black.

4. Answer: A
Cook County, Ill., had more than 1.4 million black residents in 2007.

5. Answer: True
Eighty-two percent of blacks age 25 and older holds a high school diploma.

6. Answer: A
Nineteen percent of blacks 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2007.

7. Answer: B
The median income for black households in 2007 was $33,916.

8. Answer: False
Black men in 2007 had a median income of $36,068, compared with $31,009 for black women.

9. Answer: B
The poverty rate for blacks was 24.5 percent in 2007.

10. Answer: D
About 19.5 percent of blacks had no health care.

11. Answer: C
Forty-five percent of black householders were married in 2007.

12. Answer: A
Fifty-nine percent of Mississippi’s black residents own their own homes.

13. Answer: B
Twenty-seven percent of blacks worked in management, professional and related occupations in 2007. The nation had 49,730 black physicians and surgeons, 70,620 postsecondary teachers, 49,050 lawyers, and 57,720 chief executives.

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