Police arrest two on murder-robbery charges

Investigators are trying to determine whether the pair, plus a third person who was already in the Mecklenburg jail, were involved in a string of robberies

Two people accused of murdering a man in his southwest Charlotte home Jan. 2 also were charged with tying up and robbing a McAdenville family last week, the Charlotte Observer reports.

Police arrested Latasha Nicole Hope, 22, and Perry Lamont Joines, 31, at an Economy Inn in north Charlotte Wednesday morning. Both were in the Mecklenburg jail last night with no bond, charged with killing Louis Navarre, 39. They also were charged with burglary and robbery, the Observer reported.

A third person, Eleni Andrew Hammond, 45, may face similar charges. Hammond was already in the Mecklenburg jail on unrelated charges.

Navarre was the city’s first homicide victim of 2009. Police do not believe he knew his attackers.

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