Still seeking the perfect way to commemorate the election and inauguration of America’s first black president?

Charlotte Center City Partners may have just the item.

The organization recently launched an online auction to sell a 5×6-foot painting of President Barack Obama done by performance artist David Garibaldi.

Don’t expect to snag it for cheap, though.

As of Sunday morning, the painting had received five bids, and the price was up to $5,999.99. The next minimum bid was to be at least $6,999.99. Bids will be accepted through 12 p.m. on Feb. 11.

Garibaldi created the painting during his First Night Charlotte performance Dec. 31, 2008, just before midnight. He also painted a portrait of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix (see below).

The painting, titled “Barack Obama 2,” comes with a video of the Garibaldi performance. Proceeds will go toward the production of First Night Charlotte 2010.

In a press statement issued by Center City Partners, Garibaldi called Obama “a transformational figure, much like the city of Charlotte with its vision for growth and diversity.”

To learn more about Garibaldi, to bid on the Obama painting or to view his performance that created it, go to, then scroll down until you see the Obama portrait.

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