I used to dread the thought of getting my eyebrows arched. My favorite waxer works in Indian Trail, so it was inconvenient driving from Charlotte just to get my eyebrows snatched.

I tried someone closer, but she arched my brows so thin it left me looking like an angry clown!

I thought I’d never find someone suitable – until now.

I recently decided to try “threading,” a hair-removal technique that’s gaining popularity in Charlotte.

My search lead me to Vandana Patel, a native of India who’s been threading brows for 26 years.

Threading is an ancient method that originated in India. A threader uses cotton threads to grip and gently pull hair follicles. The result is a precise line.

When I arrived for my appointment, Patel assured me the process would only take 5-10 minutes. I admit to being nervous at first. But she was friendly and clearly good at what she did, so that helped me to relax.

I was pleased and surprised by the result.

Threading is not painless, but it hurts less than waxing. It feels like the plucking you feel when you use tweezers, but the process is quicker because hair is removed an entire row at a time.

I’m amazed at how perfect my eyebrows were. Threading can last from 2-3 weeks. It’s ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or someone taking topical medication because the skin is irritated by hot wax.

Patel charged $5. She does eyebrows on Mondays and Wednesdays only. It’s best to call after 9:30 p.m. to schedule an appointment. (704) 552-4795.

Here are some others you might try:

  • Brow (704) 887-9731 — $18
  • Lockstar Salon (704) 334-6624 –$20
  • Euphoria (704) 367-9112 — $25
  • Modern Salon and Spa (888) 339-1009 — $30
  • Beautiful Brow (704) 544-2769 — $25

You’ll pay more at some of those places, but the convenience may be worth it. If you try any of them, email me to say how it went — or share your experience with others by posting a message to this column at Qcitymetro.com.

Happy Threading!

(Lashawnda K. Becoats is a lifestyle consultant and owner of La Concierge in Charlotte, N.C. Email her at la@concierge.la. Read her column here each Thursday, only on Qcitymetro.)

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