Two injured in random west Charlotte shootings

The victims were shot in the legs as they walked in the Brookhill area off Remount Road. Police were looking for two men in a green Mazda.

Police last night were cautioning west Charlotte residents to be wary of two men in a green Mazda after two pedestrians, in separate incidents, were shot in the legs in the Brookhill area off Remount Road.

The first incident happened around 9:02 p.m. when a black male was shot in the upper leg as he walked near the 2500 block of Remus Road. A neighbor heard gunshots and called police. The victim’s injuries were not life threatening, according to police reports.

The second shooting happened just over an hour later in the 600 block of Village Court. Police said a black male was walking when he heard three gunshots and thought someone was firing into the air. He then realized that he’d been shot in the calf.

The suspects last night were described as two black males in a green 4-door Mazda.

Police sent emails to news outlets warning them to keep television truck away from the area because the suspects were still on the loose. Police responded with a
helicopter and gang detectives but said they had no information the shootings were gang related.

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