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Our Mission:

The mission of K-12 Kennedy Charter Public School is to train the minds and improve the hearts of its students through a back-to-basics traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum.

About Us:

The tuition-free Kennedy Charter Public School (KCPS) offers grades K-12 on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University. KCPS provides a transportation plan and lunch. Kennedy Charter is grounded in the humanities and the sciences and utilizes research-based curricula/programs in the elementary and middle grades that have been proven successful for all students, including gifted, those with special needs and English Language Learners.

Our Curricula:

The Core Knowledge Sequence which is a K-8 specific, grade-by-grade core curriculum of common learning for English/literature, history and geography, science, art and music; Riggs Institute’s The Writing and Spelling Road to Reading and Thinking which is a multi-sensory (seeing, hearing, saying, writing), brain-based approach for teaching “explicit” phonics, reading and language arts and addresses virtually every student’s learning style and is an effective remedial program for students with academic challenges; Singapore Math which is a K-7 conceptual approach to mathematical skills building and problem solving. It is detailed in instruction and makes use of visual and hands-on aids (blocks, cards and bar charts).

In high school, students will receive a liberal arts education studying all subjects – literature and language, math, history, civics and the sciences through sound, time-proven methods. A remedial reading class is offered. Technology is used as a tool, not an end.

Kennedy seeks to nurture young people to strong character and responsible citizenship, well prepared for young adulthood.

Teaching Methods and School Advantages:

  • Seamless K-12 programming that minimizes transitions and maximizes academic coherence.
  • Small school setting where every student is known.
  • Literacy skills built through phonics, grammar and instruction in Latin and Greek words to improve English.
  • Content-rich curriculum that builds critical cultural literacy in all grades.
  • Curriculum-centered instruction and teacher leadership in the classroom.
  • Emphasis on civic responsibility and character building.
  • Access to the Johnson C. Smith University campus.
  • Four week Summer Camp for grades 3, 5, and 8.
  • Tutoring and after-school time.
  • Uniforms.

Business Contact: Jane Grosse